About us

Anja Zank-Hermann

  • born on  29th July 1973
  • married with one son
  • I am trained as a physiotherapist for people and animals
  • Dogs Osteopathy
  • I am also a dog and horse trainer
  • urrent dog: Bacardi vom Full House

Jürgen (Jogi) Zank

  • born on 24th August 1965
  • married  with one son and one daughter
  • work for the German Post
  • Member of the Landesgruppe 05 / Nordrheinland
  • Member of the Ortsgruppe Köln-Poll
  • In 1990 I joined the SV and DVG and began my career with dogs.


  • Participated in the LGA ten times,with 2ndplace in 1985 and 1st place in 2007
  • Participated five times in the Bundes FCI
  • Participated one time in the VDH Deutche Meisterschaft
  • Qualified nine times for the BSP
  • Participated eight times at the BSP with four self bred dogs. The dogs were Kim vom Düsselwappen, Bill vom Fluchtweg, Fanny vom Fluchtweg, Moses vom Fluchtweg (2nd place in 2007 Meppen, 1st place in 2009 Donaueshingen, 3rd place in 2012 Bayreuth)
  • Participated three times in the word championships for German Shepherd Dogs and was placed 2nd in 2009 Krefeld
  • Member of the German team  that were 1st place in Bratislava in 2007 and 2009 in Krefeld, and 2nd place in Steyr.
  • Head trainer in OG Köln-Poll
  • I was many times the protection helper in regional trials and also area trials in DVG.
  • Breeder of German Shephard Dogs under the Kennel: "vom Fluchtweg"
  • current dog: Takker vom Fluchtweg


Jürgen Zank / Ringallee 4 / 57635 Heuberg-Kraam / jogi@teamsport-jogi.de / Telefon: 02242 - 86 79 41 / Mobil: 0171 - 838 22 69

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